Blue Avians in Egypt

Ra-Tear-Eir is the Blue Avian with whom Corey Goode has been meeting for the last several years. On the dollar bill, there is an Egyptian pyramid with the "all-seeing eye" of Horus. In late Egyptian dynastic times, Horus and Ra became one!
Most of the Founding Fathers and many of the US presidents were Masons. Masonry is derived from the teachings of the  Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt. For that reason, an Egyptian obelisk was chosen for the Washington Monument -- to represent the first president of the US and is in the nation's capital representing the country.

Re-Discovering Ancient Egypt Now


David Wilcock explained that the Blue Avians cannot ascend from 6th density now until humanity ascends to 4th density. That is because Ra, the Blue Avian who was the Egyptian Sun God, made the mistake of giving Egypt the knowledge to build the pyramids -- and that knowledge was later corrupted by the Illuminati. In choosing Ambassador Micca of the Olmecs to assist humanity now, Ra-Tear-Eir seems to be pointing us back to the ancient Egyptian culture. The Olmecs were the "mother civilization" of the Western Hemisphere where they carried the knowledge of the Egyptian pyramids.

Ra-Tear-Eir seems to be guiding us to the Principles of Maat which allowed ancient Egypt to become enlightened and to remain powerful and prosperous for thousands of years. If we re-adopt those principles now, they can help raise our consciousness before the Solar Flash in 2020-2023. They can help us ascend and create a New Earth!

In Season 5: Episode 3, author William Henry discussed Blue Avians and Blue Spheres in ancient art. William said the Blue Avians are connected to Ascension because they are teachers. They are the Light Bringers of the Mystery Teachings of Ascension. They are Wisdom Bringers. They are trying to get us to wake up to our soul’s potential -– to our ability to leave the Earth and travel the cosmos. William showed the pictures further below of Blue Avians in ancient Egypt.

Jesus in Blue Sphere

William Henry discussed Fra Angelica’s painting shown on the right which was made during the Renaissance to depict the Last Judgment scene (Second Coming) in which Christ is returning. He ascended on a cloud and the Bible says that Jesus will return the same way he left. Jesus is surrounded by Blue Angelic BeingsBlue Birds. Jesus is considered the new Horus.

Fra Angelica was one of the painters whom the Domenici family spent the equivalent of $50 million for the ascension instructions known as Corpus Hermetica. They hired famous artists to paint ascension scenes and to hide the codes in the art. Fra Angelica was a member of a mystery school. Corey Goode said that this indicates to him that these Mystery School initiates must known about Blue Avians.

Thoth is considered a prior incarnation of Christ and Thoth was a Blue Avian. William pointed out that Christianity is the Egyptian religion updated with Christ as the new Horus. Christianity came out of Egypt and the Gnostic Religion.

William said the Catholic Church has tried to hide that connection with ancient Egypt.