Changes Needed Now

The following steps are key changes we need to make now as we raise our consciousness to prepare for the Solar Flash expected in 2027-2028 and as we prepare for our role as a galactic civilization with a seat on the Super Federation Council for the first time in history!

Corey Goode
,who is serving as the Ambassador for Earth and our Solar System, said in Season 10: Episode 6 of the Cosmic Disclosure show that the other 52 Solar System Ambassadors are human, but not Caucasian. That means that they are Melaninated People -- like 90% of Earth's people! They may all come from Enlightened civilizations.

Key Steps To Take Now

  1. Ubuntu Movement: Michael Tellinger, author of Ubuntu Contributionism, explained the concept of "Ubuntu"  in Season 3: Episodes 3 and 9. Ubuntu is an African concept based on cooperation rather than competition. Corey said that the Secret Space Program is very excited about this idea. It is discussed on this site on the page Ubuntu Movement which shows that the concept of Ubuntu is closely related to The Principles of Maat discussed below.

    Note: The Way of Ma’at points out the connection between the Ubuntu and The Principles of Maat (Ma'at). It says: "Searching for the origins of the values and principles that uBuntu is known for one inevitably comes across the concept of Ma’at that forms part of our ancient Khemetic African Spirituality. Ma’at was seen as the personification of truth, balance, law, order, justice, integrity, reciprocity, uprightness and the highest conception of physical and moral law known to the Egyptians. All of these views about Ma’at are encapsulated in the principles of ‘Divine Truth,’ the ‘Unity of All Things’ and ‘Eternal Life.’ When we appreciate uBuntu and Ma’at in the fullest sense we realize that the two concepts are interchangeable. With Afrikan religion being based upon the theosophy (Divine Wisdom) and the Hermetic philosophy of sciences/the Science of Thought of Khem or ancient Ethiopia, Ma’at is seen as the Ancient Ethiopian/Egyptian explanation, symbol, or representative of uBuntu."

  2. End of 500+ Years of Colonialism (Racism/White Supremacy): This includes ending the celebration of Columbus Day, adoption of the more accurate World Map, and recognition that the Greeks were not the founders of Western civilization. As Dr. Martin Bernal, author of Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization (The Fabrication of Ancient Greece 1785-1985), explains, shows, in the "Ancient Model", the Greeks and Europe admitted that the Greeks learned EVERYTHING they knew from studying with the Egyptians. Dr. Bernal says that the "Aryan Model" was introduced in the 1800s to justify slavery.

  3. Enlightenment As a Goal: Western civilization is the only major civilization in history that has not understood that Enlightenment is the goal of life! In this way, we have been robbed of an understanding of the purpose of our existence! We have been kept in the Dark Ages! We must learn about the Chakras, the importance of the Pineal Gland and Melanin.

  4. Ancient Egyptian Principles: A growing number of scholars recommend that we adopt the Egyptian Principles of Maat that made Egypt so enlightened and so stable for thousands of years. The Goddess of Maat was very close to Ra, the Egyptian Sun God who was often depicted as a Blue Avian. The 7 Principles of Thoth are also very valuable guides. These enduring spiritual, social, ecological, and personal principles provide a guide to enlightenment and an understanding of the nature of reality that is missing in the West!

    David Wilcock pointed out in Season 3: Episode 7 that The Law of One (which was channeled by Ra) says the Sphere Being Alliance cannot transition from 6th-7th density until every person on Earth has transitioned to 4th density. That Is because of the mistake they made in building the pyramids as a tool for ascension which was co-opted by the elite and turned into a religion by the Illuminati. So, we need to restore that ancient wisdom of Egypt now. Ra was the Sun God of Egypt -- often depicted as a Blue Bird. He was closely associated with the Ma'at -- the Goddess of Truth and Justice who represents truth, justice, harmony, and balance.