Video: Trump Will End The Fed in 2020!

The 2018 video below says Trump is planning a move called "The Event that will shake the world to its core". Trump plans to end the Federal Reserve System in early 2020 and return the US to the gold standard abandoned by FDR and Nixon. The video says some experts are predicting that gold which is currently about $1,200/ounce will be $65,000/ounce by 2022! 

Ron Paul's 2010 book End The Fed showed that he promised to end the Fed as part of his Plan to Restore America when he ran for the presidency in 2012. In the 2010 fifth reprint of his ground-breaking book The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve, G. Edward Griffin explains that hidden and illegal origins of the Fed.


The fight against a central (British) bank is one of the key themes running throughout American history. Jefferson opposed "the bank" as did Jackson, Lincoln, and Kennedy. There were two assassination attempts on Jackson and both Lincoln and JFK were killed (in part) because they opposed the Fed. Kennedy had started having the US Treasury (instead of the Fed) issue our currency, as mandated by the US Constitution. So, Trump is REALLY putting his life on the line by opposing the Fed!

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