Enlightenment Has Begun -- Return of Ma'at


In this recovery of historical truth, the role of ancient Egypt in civilizing the world, of the Moors of bringing civilization to Europe in the Dark Ages, and the role of the Olmecs called the "mother civilization" in the Americas is revealed. This is the return of Truth -- just when The Principles of Ma'at and Ma'at Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Justice are being rediscovered.


This recovery of our history must be a key prelude to the United Nations Year of Reconciliation in 2024. Reconciliation is just a part of telling the historical truth -- acknowledging and apologizing for crimes. There can be no Enlightenment without the truth. We cannot expect to raise our consciousness without dealing with the truth. Teachers (Black and White) are correcting the distortions of the historical record,

Aware Europeans -- like the authors cited in this section -- understand that white supremacy keeps them stuck in the lower three chakras (ego) and blocks their ability to be enlightened. So, they welcome and promot the truth because they know "The truth shall set you free".

Note: Some members of the "conscious" Black community aka PanAfrican community take issue with Dr. Hagins on a  number of points. However, in this video, he makes key observations about the differences between all religions and real spirituality. We need leaders who recover the historical truth and the spiritual truth that was lost over the last 500-2,000 years.


Dr. Hagins opens with a simple, powerful song that can help erase years of negative programming in our "educational" system and media. The lyrics are, "The African (melanin/power/truth) that's in me, loves the African (melanin/power/truth) that's in you. Together, there ain't nothing we can't do. Because you're easy, you're easy to love -- easy to love, easy to love. Makes me want to shout!".