Rethinking Our Current System

Many people and nations feel that the current system is not working well for them. Occupy Wall Street says that it works just for "the 1%". The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) are opting out of a unipolar world to build their own bank and to buy oil in currencies other than the dollar. With Brexit, Britain indicated its plan to exit the European Union. It may be followed by the PIGS nations (Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain).

A system that demands endless growth on a finite planet is simply not sustainable much longer. In fact, that means that our system is functioning much like a cancer destroying its host! Even economists are complaining that "finance capital" has gone too far and is destroying the world. We are destroying the irreplaceable Amazon and polluting the oceans. Take the wealth of the eight richest people on the planet and combine it. Now do the same for the poorest 3.5 billion. The two sums are the same, £350 billion. Correct: just eight people own as much wealth as half of the world’s population.


  1. Ubuntu Movement: Michael Tellinger, author of Ubuntu Contributionism, explained the concept of "Ubuntu"  in Season 3: Episodes 3 and 9. Ubuntu is an African concept based on cooperation rather than competition. Corey Goode said that the Secret Space Program is very excited about this idea. It is discussed on this site on the page Ubuntu Movement which shows that the concept of Ubuntu is closely related to The Principles of Maat discussed below. Also see Learning Ubuntu / Maat Principles.

  2. Enlightened Value System: The concept of Ubuntu is an important starting point because it is a shift in values that can help correct the economic system. However, we must make other changes that help elevate our consciousness for the Solar Flash expected in 2027-2028 and help us prepare to become a galactic civilization now that humanity has a seat on the Super Federation Council for the first time in our history.

    Chief among these changes is the resolution of the legacy of colonialism (racism and white supremacy) discussed below. In addition, we must adopt a proven system of enlightened principles that can guide us . We can find those in The Principles of Maat and the 7 Hermetic Principles that allowed ancient Egypt to be the light of the world for thousands of years.

    As explained further below, David Wilcock has pointed out that the Sphere Being Alliance cannot ascend beyond 6th density until humanity ascends to 4th density. That is because of the mistake they made in giving ancient Egypt knowledge which was corrupted by the Illuminati. So, we must now restore that ancient wisdom.

500+ Years of Colonialism: Racism / White Supremacy

For the last 500+ years, the world has been subjected to the system of colonialism which began with Christopher Columbus (Cristofo Colon). That began with the assertion the the Europeans "discovered" the Western hemisphere when millions of people had been living here in high civilizations for thousands of years! What a truly INSANE absurdity! This psychotic assertion was followed by genocide that nearly destroyed the 500 Native Nations -- many of which were functioning at much higher levels than any in Europe! The Europeans burned all but 3 of the books of the Maya to destroy documentation of their high culture! The period also included the colonization of Africa, India, and Australia. Africans were dragged to the Americas where the most brutal system of slavery ever known was implemented and has continued in various forms until today.


To justify these crimes, their genocides and theft of continents, Europeans invented the concept of a "white" race in 1681 and created a fiction of white supremacy in the 18th century They could not in good conscience admit what they had done. They could not admit what they had done to the peoples of Africa who had rescued them from the Dark Age in 711AD and to the descendants of Egypt from whom the ancient Greeks said they had learned everything they knew.

Dr. Martin Bernal is the author of the 1987 book Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization (The Fabrication of Ancient Greece 1785-1985. It shows that in the 18th century, Europe began to deny its enormous debt to Egypt because it could not live with that knowledge and the knowledge of the slavery it had imposed on Africa. So, they compounded the crimes of genocide and theft of continents with the falsification of European and world history!  Europeans falsified the World Map to favor Europe at the expense of the rest of the world!


To justify their unjustifiable crimes against humanity, the Europeans blamed (and continue to blame) their victims -- designating them as inferior and thus having no rights. This rampage continues today in a wide variety of ways. As late as 1992, the world was ready to spend billions of dollars to "celebrate" the Columbus Quincentennial -- the 500-year anniversary of Columbus's rampage. Yet, in a few years after his arrival in the Caribbean, Columbus had killed 90% of Taino people who has welcomed him although he had said that they were the nicest people he had ever met.

Clearly, Columbus was a psychopath -- as were all the other "conquistadors" who are still celebrated.  Fortunately, although Columbus Day is still a national holiday, now at least 55 cities now celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day instead. In 2017, a bill was introduced in Congress to replace Columbus Day with a day honoring the original inhabitants of this hemisphere. However, there are still many American cities -- like Columbus, Ohio -- named for Columbus. The nation's capital is called the District of Columbia. Columbus Circle and Columbia University are prominent places in New York City. The book Ebony and Ivy shows the close connection between some of America's elite universities and slavery.


So, we have a lot of work to do to end this brutal 500-year system that so ill-serves 90% of humanity and the planet. In fact, while colonialism, racism, and white supremacy may have seemed to enrich Europe, even many countries in Europe are struggling with poverty. More importantly, it has been an empoverishment of the soul, basic humanity, and historical honesty.  Western civilization is the only major culture that has failed to make Enlightenment its goal!

New Values / New System Needed

So, we need more enlightened, humanitarian, spiritual values and a new system for many reasons, but where will we find one? The concept of "Ubuntu" is a good start -- if grounded in Maat. See Learning Ubuntu / Maat Principles.

Perhaps Ra-Tear-Eir, the Blue Avian with whom Corey Goode has been meeting gave us a hint in introducing Corey to Ambassador Micca of the Olmecs and having the Olmecs come help us now. The Olmecs are considered the "mother civilization" of the Americas. The pyramids they built reflect a connection to ancient Egypt. All roads point to Egypt.

David Wilcock pointed out in Season 3: Episode 7 that The Law of One (which was channeled by Ra) says the Sphere Being Alliance cannot transition from 6th-7th density until every person on Earth has transitioned to 4th density. That Is because of the mistake they made in building the pyramids as a tool for ascension which was co-opted by the elite and turned into a religion by the Illuminati. Ra was the Sun God of Egypt -- often depicted as a Blue Bird. He was closely associated with the Ma'at -- the Goddess of Truth and Justice who represents truth, justice, harmony, and balance.

A growing number of philosophers are seeing in The Principles of Maat the guidance the modern world lost and must now restore. Those principles guided ancient Egypt throughout its history and allowed it to stay stable and prosperous for thousands of years -- the light of the world! The Principles of Maat and The Law of One have similar values and perspectives.

We can also find a great deal of guidance in the Principles of Thoth whom the Greeks worshipped as Hermes, Trismegistus (Three Times Great) and whom the Romans knew as the god Mercury. It is time now to correct the mistakes Europe made after the fall of Egypt and to return to the ancient principles that allowed Egypt to serve as the light of the world for thousands of years.