Ra-Tear-Eir's Hints?

Corey Goode has been meeting with the Blue Avian Ra-Tear-Eir for a few years. Corey reported in Season 10: Episode 2 that Ra-Tear-Eir announced at the ground-breaking meeting of the Super Federation on December 16, 2017 that he will be leaving our frequency now. Ra-Tear-Eir said that our collective experience of the Solar Flash between 2027-2028 will be determined by the number of people who raise their consciousness before the event. He advised us to follow the Law of One which the Ra channeled to humanity in the 1980s. It means that we need to be "51% service to others".

Ra-Tear-Eir calls Corey "Ra-Hanush-Eir". David Wilcock explained that "Hanush" is a biliblical term for "ambassador". Ra-Tear-Eir introduced Corey to Ambassador Micca of the Olmecs who are here to help humanity now. They defeated the Reptilians on their planet about 900 years ago. In Season 10: Episode 6, Corey met the other 51 Solar System Ambassadors who will  also serve on the Super Federation Council. Corey reported that most of the amabassadors are not Causcasian. That means that most of the Solar Ambassadors Corey will be dealing with are Melaninated People -- like 90% of the people of Earth! This indicates the importance now of ending the 500+ years of the colonial mentality with the racism and white supremacy it imposed on the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia -- everywhere on Earth!

Ra-Tear-Eir advised us not to look for saviors -- that we have to be our own saviors now.


However, is it possible that Ra-Tear-Eir gave us some powerful hints on how to proceed now?!


  1. Olmecs: Did Ra-Tear-Eir select the Olmecs to help us now because they were on Earth years ago? In fact, the Olmecs are called the "mother civilization" of the Americas! They are connected to Egyptian civilization. They pyramids the Olmecs built in the Western hemisphere show a clear connection with the pyramids of Egypt. Was Ra-Teir-Eir also pointing us to Egyptian civilization as a source of inspiration in creating a New Earth?

  2. Moors in Spain: After the fall of Rome in 500AD, Europe sank into the Dark Ages until the Moors conquered Spain in 711AD and ruled for 700 years. They carried the lost Egyptian civilization into Europe again.

  3. Ancient Greeks: When the ancient Greeks conquered Egypt in 333 AD, they were finally allowed to study at the Egyptian temples after 4,000 years! The late Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, author of several books and associate professor at Rutgers University said that it would take a book just to list the names of all the Greeks who studied in Egypt.  For example, Pythagorus studied with Egyptian priests for 22 years!

  4. Ancient Egypt: David pointed out that the beings in the Sphere Being Alliance to which the Blue Avians belong cannot ascend beyond 6th density until humanity ascends to 4th density because of a mistake they made in ancient Egypt. They taught the Egyptians the technology of the pyramids which was later corrupted by the Illuminati. Note: The Egyptians worshipped the Sun god "Ra" who was closely aligned with the Goddess Maat.

  5. Principles of Maat: The ancient Egyptians civilization was founded on the 42 principles of Maat and lasted for thousands of years. There are parallels between the Principles of Maat and the Law of One which the Ra channeled to humanity in the 1980s.

  6. Hermetic Principles: The ancient Egyptians were also guided by the 7 Hermetic Principles of Thoth.

So, is it possible that Ra-Teir-Eir, in asking Micca and the Olmecs to help us now is hinting that we will find our best guidance in the Olmec culture, the Moors, and ancient Egypt? To become a galactic civilization now, we must overcome the false values of the 500+ years of colonialism and return to the principles with allowed ancient Egypt to be the light of civilization for thousands of years. All roads for Enlightenment lead to Egypt!