Key Figures in Cosmic Disclosure

In this section, you meet many fascinating key figures in the Cosmic Disclosure show! Some (like "Gonzales)" are known only by a pseudonym. "Gonzales" serves now on the space craft of the Mayan Healers who are helping Corey Goode recover from his service in the Secret Space Program. "Gonzales" often provides Corey with key updates. There is also no picture of the legendary Ancient Builder Race or the new Guardians. who are here to help humanity as we join the Super Federation Council for the first time.

Ra-Tear-Eir, the Blue Avian Corey has met has held center stage. Even though Corey has met many ETs since he was 5 years old, even he was shocked to meet an 8ft blue bird that talks! The Golden Triangle-Headed being was even more ethereal The Sphere Beings transport Corey to outer space.  Priestess Ka'Aree of the Anshar teleports Corey to Inner Earth, and has flown him to Venus and Antarctica. Ambassador Micca is serving in the same role as Corey for his people -- the Olmecs. He is here to help us now as we recover from the tyranny of the Draco Reptilians s the Olmecs did 900 years ago. When Corey met with a Draco Royal, the experience was so unpleasant that he refused to ever meet him again.


The discovery of the Pre-Adamite ruins in Antarctica have attracted Obama, Putin, the head of the Greek Orthodox Church, Buzz Aldrin who rushed to see them in person. These may be revealed to the public in Partial Disclosure. The Red-Haired Giants genetically engineered by the Pre-Adamites, have been in "stasis" for thousands of years -- and are now awake!