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Raise Your Consciousness!

Updated: May 19, 2018


The Cosmic Disclosure show is hosted by triple New York Times best-selling author David Wilcock and began airing in mid-2015. Corey Goode is a Secret Space Program whistleblower who has a security clearance 35 levels above the US president and is the main guest on the show.

Corey explained that smaller flashes have started and will continue until the "big event" which is expected in 2028-2029. It is not known if the Solar Flash with be a Coronal Mass Ejection "Kill Shot" that destroys civilization, a minor disruption, or an "Ascension Event". The outcome of the Solar Flash will be determined by the Mass Consciousness. So, each of us is now creating the reality we are going to experience collectively.

Corey was not surprised that Mass Consciousness is going to affect the Solar Flash, but was surprised by how important it is. Corey pointed out that viewers of the Cosmic Disclosure show can help plant key ideas because they are more focused than many people. Corey said that there are two main ways to raise consciousness: Be “51% Service to Others” and to Focus on a Positive Outcome for the event.


Now is a key "Window of Opportunity" for each of us to raise our consciousness. Corey said that a very small number of people can act as a rudder for the collective consciousness. Since viewers of the Cosmic Disclosure show have more power in their co-creative abilities, they can focus on planting seeds in the group consciousness. Corey stressed that every single person is important. There is no one more special than another. Corey said it is very important to exert ourselves to get Full Disclosure.


In Season 8, Viewer Questions #11 "Preparing for Ascension" and in Season 10 on May 15, 2018, Viewer Questions #13 "New Future for Humanity" indicate that viewers of the Cosmic Disclosure show would like more specifics on how to raise their consciousness. They also want ways to share the information from the show with family and friends who may not be ready to watch the show.

This Cosmic Disclosure Help site responds to these requests in several ways. The Key Figures and Main Topics sections of the site allow new viewers to catch up quickly. The Seasons section provides links to each Season and every Episode since the show began in mid-2015!

See Shows For Free! provides links to three shows each month in the Extras section to give people a way to watch shows to see if they want to commit to the $10 a month on Gaia or Amazon Prime to support the courageous work of host David Wilcock and his guests. Note: The Cosmic Disclosure show is the ONLY place that provides Full Disclosure now!


In Season 10: Episode 2, Corey reported that, for the first time in our history, humanity has been given a seat on the Super Federation Council! Corey will serve as Ambassador for Earth and our Solar System. Corey first met Micca, the Olmec Ambassador (shown below). In December, he met the other 51 Ambassadors for the Solar Systems in our Local Star Cluster. The other Solar Systems in our Local Star Cluster are Fourth Dimensional cultures.

Corey said in Season 10: Episode 13 in May 2018, that when the Super Federation Council starts meeting, Earth will be represented by people from different regions who will serve on a rotating basis. Corey explained that the other Solar System Ambassadors are human and look enough like us to go undetected on Earth. They are here now getting to know us better so they will know best how to help us. For example, the Ambassadors who look more Asian are going to Asia.

Corey explained that there will be many opportunities for trade. However, we will be kept isolated until we evolve into a galactic civilization. This is another reason to raise our consciousness now! He said we are going through a "Great Awakening" now and can expect to experience a Consciousness Renaissance!


The Cosmic Disclosure Help site provides the following easy ways to raise your consciousness now!

These steps were inspired by the following concepts presented in the Cosmic Disclosure show.

  1. UBUNTU: In Season 3, the Cosmic Disclosure show invited Michael Tellinger, author of Ubuntu Contributionism, on the show for Episodes 3 and 9. Corey said that the Secret Space Program is excited about using the concept of Ubuntu (cooperation vs. competition) to replace capitalism which is proving so divisive and destructive of the Earth.

  2. ANCIENT EGYPTIAN WISDOM: David pointed out in Season 3: Episode 7 that The Law of One says that a mistake was made in giving wisdom to the ancient Egyptians because it was later corrupted by the Illuminati/Masons. So, that wisdom must now be restored.

  3. THE PINEAL GLAND: In Season 1: Episode 10 David and Corey discussed the Importance of the Pineal Gland. 📷


The Cosmic Disclosure Help site recommends the following 4 authors for the Cosmic Disclosure show to further the understanding of Ubuntu, to facilitate the recovery of ancient Egyptian wisdom, and to extend the discussion of the importance of the Pineal Gland.

  1. Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum discusses the key role of the Pineal Gland in Enlightenment in his books and YouTube videos. He explains the many wonders of Melanin -- which functions on the cosmic level, in the environment (as coal/oil/diamonds), and our bodies and brains. It is the release of Melanin by the Pineal Gland that produces Enlightenment.

  2. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who first introduced Ubuntu to the West, says that there can be no Ubuntu without Reconciliation. President Nelson Mandela appointed Archbishop Tutu as Chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa. See the example of growing Reconciliation around the world and in America shown below and on the site. These are key to the successful adoption of Ubuntu. The site also recommends a UN Year of Reconciliation in 2024 to end the 500+ years of colonialism and neo-colonialism that have so plagued the Western Hemisphere, Africa, and other parts of the world.

  3. Dr. Muata Ashby shows in his book Ancient Egyptian Economics that Ubuntu is part of the ancient Egyptian Principles of Ma'at which initially are deceptively simple, but are incredibly profound. They describe the basis for the order of the cosmos, world, and society, as well as the means for personal Enlightenment and an enlightened culture. These principles kept ancient Egypt stable, prosperous, and the light of the world for thousands of years!

  4. Peter Gandy is the co-author of The Hermetica: The Lost Wisdom of the Pharoahs! In his book and in the YouTube video linked to on the site, Gandy explains that when The Hermetica was introduced to Europe in the 15th century, it fueled the Renaissance and Protestant Reformation. Franciscan Friar Giordano Bruno loved the Egyptian wisdom so much that, even after 8 years of torture by the Catholic Church, he said he would rather die than live without it! He was burned alive at the stake and his huge stature now stands facing the Vatican! Bruno felt that the Egyptian philosophy could unite Christians, Jews, and Muslims -- something that is greatly needed today!

Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Dr. Muata Ashby, Peter Gandy


The Cosmic Disclosure Help site shows several ways in which Reconciliation has begun around the world and in America. These include the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, a slavery and lynching memorial, which opened in Alabama in April 2018. Bryan Stevenson is the lawyer who founded the Equal Justice Initiative, the nonprofit organization behind the memorial. He says that slavery did not end -- it morphed into lynchings, Jim Crow, segregation, and mass incarceration today. Stevenson says there can be no Reconciliation without Truth.

Another step toward Reconciliation is demonstrated by the Democracy Now show which hosted Professor Craig Steven Wilder, author of Ebony and Ivy: Race, Slavery and The Troubled History of America’s Universities. The show also invited Katrina Browne who created the film "Traces of the Trade" when she discovered that her family, the DeWolfes of Connecticut, had been the largest slave-holding family in America. They brought over 10,000 people from Africa -- who now have about 500,000 descendants! Professor Wilder pointed out that Americans seem willing and able to deal with these issues now.

SUPPORT END OF 500+ YEARS OF NEO-COLONIALISM: This step is increasingly being supported now as a growing number of cities have stopped celebrating “Columbus Day”. A lot more must be done to address the ongoing wrongs to the 500 Native American Nations. Adoption of the correct World Map is key to an accurate understanding of the Earth.

SUPPORT UN YEAR OF RECONCILIATION 2024: This site proposes that there be a UN Year of Reconciliation in 2024 to end the Dark Age of the 500+ years of colonialism and neo-colonialism that still plague the Western Hemisphere, Africa, and much of the rest of the world.

SUPPORT RETURN OF THE COMMONS: The Goldman Environment Prize, the world's largest award for grassroots environmental activists, is presented each year to honor environmental heroes from Africa, Asia, Europe, Islands & Island Nations, North America, and South & Central America. They are selected for their sustained, significant efforts to protect and enhance the natural environment, often at great personal risk. They work on projects that include shutting down destructive mines, cleaning up toxic waste sites, restoring clean water for their communities, safeguarding our ocean's resources, saving an endangered species, and protecting virgin forests.

They are achieving a Return of the Commons – restoring recognition of the fact that clean air, water, and access to arable land are rights that belong to everyone and cannot be confiscated for private profit!📷

UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PINEAL GLAND: Western civilization is the only major culture for which Enlightenment has not been the goal! Although the Caduceus is the symbol of Western medicine, it is never explained that it shows the rising Kundalini energies (as snakes) meeting in the Pineal Gland where Melanin is released and the person becomes Enlightened (as shown by the wings). The East Indian Chakra System is a very valuable tool for Enlightenment, but is not taught in the West. Why is this essential information hidden from us? 📷

SUPPORT UN YEAR OF ENLIGHTENMENT 2026: This site recommends that there be a UN Year of Enlightenment in 2026 to encourage the discussion of the importance of Enlightenment including understanding the Chakras, Kundalini, the Caduceus, the Pineal Gland, and Melanin.

UNDERSTAND THE SHIFT OF THE AGES: The East Indian Yugas Cycle shows that we have been in the Dark Age (aka Material Age) of Kali Yuga for the last 2,400 years since the fall of ancient Egypt. We are moving now into the Energy Age (aka Mental Age) of Dwapara Yuga which involves a higher level of consciousness. Joseph Selbie is co-author of The Yugas: Keys to Understanding Our Hidden Past, Emerging Present and Future Enlightenment. A video linked to on the site provides a brief introduction. 📷


See the following pages:

  1. Books/DVD in the Extras section for frequently-updated suggestions.

  2. Show and Site Map in the Introduction section for an overview of the key topics.

  3. Chart: Steps to An Enlightened New Earth! in the Guests section.

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