Updated: May 19, 2018

The Cosmic Disclosure Help site is designed for the following purposes:


The Cosmic Disclosure Help site makes it easy for viewers new to the Cosmic Disclosure show get up to speed quickly and easily! You have access to the Main Topics and Key Figures as well as the Seasons section which links to all the Episodes of the show!

Since the Cosmic Disclosure show began in mid-2015, with a new show every week, there’s a lot to keep up with! Even people who started watching the show early may want a quick review. These sections also make it easy to share some information with family and friends who may not be ready to deal with the whole scope of the show.


The Cosmic Disclosure show generously allows viewers to share links to three episodes each month with an unlimited number of friends. The Extras section of this site has a page called See Shows For Free! where you will find the link to three shows each month. This is a good way for people to see if they would like to commit to the $10 a month on Gaia or Amazon Prime to support the courageous work of host David Wilcock and his guests.

NOTE: The Cosmic Disclosure show is the ONLY place you get Full Disclosure now!


Corey Goode, the main guest on the show who is a whistle blower with the Secret Space Program and has a security clearance 35 levels above the president, said smaller flashes have started and will continue until the "big event" in 2027-2028. It is not known if the Solar Flash will be a Coronal Mass Ejection "Kill Shot" that destroys civilization, a minor disruption, or an "Ascension Event".

The outcome of the Solar Flash will be determined by the Mass Consciousness. So, each of us is now creating the reality we are going to experience collectively. Corey was not surprised that Mass Consciousness is going to affect the Solar Flash, but was surprised by how important it is.

Now is a key "Window of Opportunity" for each of us to raise our consciousness. A very small number of people can act as a rudder for the collective consciousness. Since people in the Cosmic Disclosure community have more power in their co-creative abilities, they can focus on planting seeds in the group consciousness. Corey stressed that every single person is important.

There is no one more special than another. Corey pointed out that it is very important now to exert ourselves to get Full Disclosure. He explained that The Law of One reveals that one of the key things each of us can do now is to be “51% Service to Others” and to focus on a positive outcome.


In Season 10: Episode 2, Corey reported that, for the first time in our history, humanity has been given a seat on the Super Federation Council! Corey will serve as Ambassador for Earth and our Solar System. Corey has met the other 52 Ambassadors for the Solar Systems in our Local Star Cluster. He explained that there will be many opportunities for trade. However, we will be kept isolated until we evolve into a galactic civilization.

So, this is another reason we need to raise our consciousness now!

See the Blog “Raise Your Consciousness!for more information for steps you can take now!