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Please subscribe to the Cosmic Disclosure show on Gaia or Amazon Prime to support the courageous work of the show's host David Wilcock, the main guest Corey Goode, and the other guests of the show. They are providing Full Disclosure before it becomes available to the general public. The world owes them a great deal of thanks and support.

David is a triple New York Times best-selling author. Corey has a secret clearance 35 levels above the US president! They have had numerous guests including several highly-respected authors who corroborate Corey's mind-blowing revelations -- and extend them! The show is an opportunity to learn not only the truth about UFOs and ETs, but about our real history, Inner Earth, the hidden WWIII that humanity just won in late 2017, and the opportunities humanity has for the first time!

Find out about the shocking discoveries in Antarctica that Obama, Putin, the head of the Greek Orthodox Church, Buzz Aldrins, and others have rushed to see. Learn how to use the Law of One to prepare now for the Solar Flash in 2027-2028, Discover the shift to a new economics system based on the African concept of Ubuntu. Get informed so you can help inform your family and friends and prepare for the shift to an enlightened New Earth!


If you are not ready to subscribe, you can use this site to watch some episodes for free! The Cosmic Disclosure show has generously allowed viewers to share links to three shows a month with an unlimited number of friends. The links are active for only 48 hours.

So, on the last three Fridays each month, this site will post a link to the show to allow you to see it for free.

Note:  The link will be posted below around 9PM Friday and will be good until about 9PM Sunday.