Teachers Re-Awakening Humanity Now

There are a number of courageous European authors documenting the truth of history. However, it is perhaps not surprising that Black authors from the Americas and Africa have taken the lead since the beginning of the Pan African Movement in the 19th century and continue today. While many of these outstanding figures are no longer with us, through their books and YoutTube videos now, they continue to teach us revolutionary concepts.

In this recovery of historical truth, the role of ancient Egypt in civilizing the world, of the Moors of bringing civilization to Europe in the Dark Ages, and the role of the Olmecs called the "mother civilization" is revealed. This is the return of Truth -- just at a time when The Principles of Ma'at and Ma'at Egyptian Goddess of Truth are being rediscovered.

This is the wisdom of ancient Egypt that was corrupted by the Illuminati. It is a recovery of the principles that kept Egypt stable, prosperous, and the light of civilization for thousands of years. Recovery of our real history and sound principles is a key prelude to the United Nations Year of Reconciliation in 2024. It is a step in which each of us can participate now.

Listed below are three of the most-respected Pan African historians and authors of the 20th century. Fortunately, there are many YouTube videos with these giants who are no longer with us. Just watching them and reading their books is an easy way to begin to recover from the mis-education we all receive even in the best schools and in the media.

  1. Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop: 1923-1986

  2. Dr. John Henrik Clarke: 1915-1998

  3. Dr. Ivan Van Sertima: 1935-2009  (also see Olmecs and Moors)